Septic System Inspections


The septic system is one part of your home that you probably never think about until there is a problem. That problem can ultimately lead to a very expensive repair bill that you never expected and certainly never wanted. This can be avoided with a proper septic inspection.

If you are looking to buy a home with a private septic system it is important that you have the well & septic system inspected. There could be many hidden problems that you won’t know about until they happen. Unlike most things in a house, when something goes wrong with a septic system it’s usually very expensive.

At Summertime Construction, we take pride in our knowledge of septic tank inspections and want to ensure you that septic inspections should be performed on an annual basis to ensure their proper function. A septic tank is a very expensive household fixture and if not well maintained, this can be one of the most costly fixtures to repair, some septic systems could be easily 20k, This can be avoided when you have the proper team inspecting your septic tank.