Thermal Imaging Services


Summertime Construction LLC employs infrared thermal imaging cameras to detect subtle temperature variations throughout a house, uncovering potential problem areas that are invisible to the naked eye and beyond the scope of a visual inspection. By utilizing a camera specifically designed to perceive infrared radiation, we can identify whether different areas of the house are hot, cold, or somewhere in between. This cutting-edge technology enables us to pinpoint issues that might otherwise go unnoticed, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of your property.

Inspect. Document. Share. The FLIR C5 makes it easier than ever to inspect for hidden problems, document repairs, as well as share evidence with customers. In addition, featuring a 160 × 120 pixel thermal sensor, MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging), a 5-megapixel visual camera, and LED flashlight, the C5 is the ideal inspection tool for electrical/mechanical, building, and maintenance applications.